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bruktsjappa.no has during 2016 and 2017 stacked away many "good" items covering several collecting areas. Totally we estimate the total number of items to be around 10 000. From the relatively plain and simple objects to some that is definitely extremely rare.

The "Plain and Simple" ones you will find at the sales pages, the rarer ones on the auction pages.

Taking pictures/scanning that many objects will take some time. Some we have done already, but there's still a lot to be done. We estimate that the pages will be open for sale and bids on April 2nd. 2018. Below you will see some of the military items that is coming up for sale/auction. Some of them real rare objects.

As usual for auction biddings on net it is normal with a nickame. You are more than welcome to register your nick right now if you think you will bid on some of the objects. Use the address post@bruktsjappa.no.

Send an e-mail with subject NICK" to our e-mailaddress. State your nickname and give us your correct name and e-mail address. All other information will be dealt with later - if you want to buy or bid on any of the objects.

No links will work before April 2nd. 2018

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Militaria Gold, silver and jewellry
Collectibles Police
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Ceramics Johan Thomsen mugs/steins
Porcelain x
Stamps x
Coins and Notes x
Police x
Postcards x
Gold, silver and jewellry x
Wooden art x
All other funny stuff x

This is a list of all military Thomsenmugs/steins produced after 2000.
It is all mugs in the series that starts with the numbers:
010, 020, 030,040, 050,
060, 070, 080 og 090.

Last update on the auctions pages were done
and last bid via e-mail was from
at xx:xx

We have earlier used numbers based on the first book about military patches and insignias by Makilla.
That system does not longer cover the needs for numbers. There is a new system made and that is the number that are stated after the Nr: on several objects on the Militaria pages. You will later find this list on this page, but it is still in progress.

Below is a list of already registered nicknames. This for saving time instead of coming back to you to tell you that your wanted nick is already taken.

Aldebaran (28.11.2017)
  AML-01 (28.11.2017)
  Bergo (28.11.2017)
  HV-sjefen (28.11.2017)